Ghost in the VSL

Sometimes being a copywriter means taking a swing and missing. Two weeks ago I wrote a sample for someone. It took two long afternoons. To my disappointment, it didn't get me the work I wanted.​ Perhaps it's not in my best interests to admit this, but that's what happened. If you want to read the VSL and take stab at guessing who I wrote it for, I've posted it below. I edited out anything that would make it too obvious. But maybe you'll work it out.

I have grown a YouTube following of over 2 million. I have commanded a quarter of a billion video views and I have generated $2.1 million dollars. I quit my job, retired my parents, and have taken care of my family by hiring them for my growing team.

I am, by all measures, a top 1% man. 

In finance . . .

In physique and

In mindset . . .

99 out of 100 men are not my competition. 

On a day-to-day basis, I am competing primarily with myself. 

The rest of my energy goes into taking care of my family and guiding others.  

But 3 years ago I was crying myself to sleep in a cold bedroom praying my girlfriend wouldn’t hear me boo-hooing because I was so depressed about getting up in the dark the next morning to go to my shitty job.

I can joke about it now but it wasn’t funny then and I want you to know that if you are experiencing something remotely similar then I hear you. 

Today I am here to tell you what made the difference. 

I am going to tell you about the one realisation I had that separated me – forever – from all the others and set me on the path I’m on now. 

This realisation . . .

This understanding of the world and its power dynamics . . .

Is how I was able to grow my YouTube channel so quickly. 

That’s the beauty. 

You can apply it to business.

You can apply it to your body.

And you can apply it to your relationships. 

And I promise you this . . .

If you can stay tuned for the next 20 seconds . . .

This video will change your life. 

So listen carefully to what I am about to say.

“YOU can become a top 1% man.”

Now when 99 out of 100 people hear that statement their minds clamp shut. 

Like a steel trap. 

Their eyes are open and their ears are listening but their minds are shut.

And that’s fine.

That’s okay. 

I haven’t made this video for them.

I have made this video for the person who is open-minded enough to say, “Show me.”

Let me show you an interesting statistic:

There are over 475,000 search queries on Google each MONTH for self improvement. 

And yet . . .

The estimated average completion rate for an online course is as low as 3%.

How can that be?

What is happening?

I’ll tell you. 

There are two categories of people . . .

Two “camps” of character who offer you self-development advice.

In one camp are guys like Tai Lopez and Dan Lok who promise you answers but then hide it behind a paywall.

When you buy the course the answers turn out to be nothing but lame, generic soundbites you could have got from any $12 business book on Amazon. 

When you experience this letdown, you reach what I call the “breaking point” of self development. 

You have spent time and energy and money pulling the trigger and trying to get from where you are to where you want to be and yet all you get is a slap in the face.

You feel ashamed. 

You feel embarrassed. 

You feel exhausted. 

In trying to build yourself into something more you have broken yourself into something less. 

If this sounds familiar, I have some good news. 

I, [REDACTED] am the other camp. 

I stand against the Tai Lopezs and Dan Loks of this world. 

I have a different proposition.

Instead of mouthing off about secrets I offer you only 2 things.

1/ The truth and

2/ The opportunity to put in the work

Are you ready for the truth?

Are you ready to hear the one realisation that changed the course of my life and led me to this very moment, looking down the camera at you?


The reason people pay money for courses and don’t consume them is when you attach yourself to another person’s formula you give away your power.

When you attach yourself to another person’s formula you give away your power. 

Your desire disappears. 

You get the information, but not the inspiration. 

Don’t get me wrong. 

I have secrets.

I have systems. 

I have frameworks. 

But I am going to give them all to you today ONLY on the understanding that you will not bow down to a false god and expect a formula you bought from some dude on the internet to dictate your every step like a child. 

You have to change the way you look at the world and your role in it. 

Because the truth is you don’t have problems. 

Yes, you might have shit going on in your life. 

You might not like school or college or you have girl trouble or family issues. 

You might hate your job. 

You might hate not having a job.

But these problems exist OUTSIDE of you. 

They are not problems WITH you.

They are problems FOR you. 

They are tests. 

They are challenges. 

You, my friend, are more powerful than you know. 

We all have an ancient belief that there’s something wrong with us. 

It’s a survival mechanism designed to keep us alive. 

“Don’t climb the mountain,” it says.

“You might not come back.” 

You may not be entirely conscious of it. 

But it’s there. 

It’s affecting you right now. 

It’s the voice that wants to reject what I am telling you. 

For most people, the voice will win. 

But I am telling you you are already powerful. 

And there goes that voice!

What it’s saying to you is the same thing it used to say to me. 

It’s saying:

“How can I be powerful when I don’t have any money?

That’s why inside [REDACTED] we get your money up first. 

It’s why we prioritise the 90-day “[REDACTED].”

It’s an important psychological hurdle to break your limiting beliefs. 

We get you your first payday as soon as possible. 

You get that first “ca-ching!” notification on your phone. 

Then we get you respectable pocket money. 

Then we get you an online salary. 

Then we move onto the more luxurious things in life. 

Rump steak for dinner whenever you like. 

Choosing between the black or burgundy leather inside your dream car. 

Splashing in the ocean with your girl before cocktails and a sunset dinner. 

But best of all, the look on the faces of people who know you, but don’t recognize you.

I know this sounds amazing but it’s just the beginning. 

You will soon see money is not what you know it as today. 

Right now you look at cash and cars and bank accounts, the things you can buy, the costs.

You see the latest M2 Macbook and fine dining and exotic travel in private jets. 

You see big numbers on your phone. 

As you grow, we will guide you to look instead at the value within you and within the people around you. 

You will learn to look at money as the flowing and exchanging of this value within your network.

You will see that you need not worry about ever reaching your limit of generating wealth.  

When you attack life with the twin mindsets of authenticity and abundance, money appears automatically. 

And here we get to the meat and potatoes of life. 

The truth is humans thrive when we connect with each other and open ourselves to someone else’s wisdom. 

This was my realisation. 

I spent more money than I care to admit on self-development.

I bought all the courses from the big names but I never made the progress I wanted.  

It was only when I made a deliberate decision to do things my way that the journey began. 

Because there’s a cosmic difference between learning from someone and abdicating your power to another person’s formula.

It’s an energy shift. 

Yes, inside the [REDACTED]we give you the 90-day, 5-phase “[REDACTED]” for making $3,000 a month in 6 months or less guaranteed. 

We stand behind this protocol.

We know it works. 

It’s how we guarantee results. 

We also know it’s not the only path in this world. 

You can follow it to the letter or you can operate more like Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee said:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

But we also give you brotherhood and accountability. 

I know from personal experience that the hardest part of the journey is finding someone you can talk to every day who has the same desire and vision as you. 

We provide a brotherhood of other strong-minded men to network and be friends with. 

A place where no one will mock you and everyone wants you to win. 

You get DMs, calls and everyday support from other strong, masculine, successful men. 

We will be your second family. 

But first you have to say yes. 

This opportunity resonates with you if you are someone who refuses to be led astray by another [REDACTED]. 

It clicks with you if you care about the process of sharpening your skills and growing your knowledge. 

It lines up with someone who cares about building something that serves people and provides for your family. 

If you look for a sense or purpose in your work, you are a candidate for [REDACTED]

[REDACTED]l also resonates with someone curious about how the world really works:

Why are we moving away from tradition?

Why is society failing men?

How can you protect yourself and your loved ones from degeneracy?

We show you what’s going on. 

If you’re a reasonable thinker, you see your life as something precious and powerful and you’re at all curious about what life is like as a top 1% male, you are in the right place.

A reminder of how simple our offer is:

Inside [REDACTED]we give you the 90-day, 5-phase “[REDACTED]” for making $3,000 a month in 6 months or less guaranteed. 

It’s the same protocol that’s already gotten results for all the young men just like you you can read about on the page below. 

And yes, I am 100’% the first person to tell you that you have it within yourself to make this happen on your own. 

But I have also come to understand that the universe responds to action. 

If you want to get there faster, the right way to shorten time is to raise your certainty. 

The right way to raise you certainty is to set specific goals. 

The right way to set specific goals is to work with us. 

We design the vision. 

Then we build the vision. 

And we delete anything that gets in the way.

I’ve already given you our guarantee. 

Now I give you my promise. 

The same rule I have for YouTube is the same rule I have for you:

I will always guide you to stay as true to yourself as you can.  

Now I want you to check out the bonuses below. 

Then click the link to join and we will speak inside [REDACTED] soon.


I’m the guy who tells you [REDACTED]. 

Especially when [REDACTED].