The Secret of the World’s Highest-Paid Copywriter

A few months ago, I was reading an interview with Dan Kennedy, the highest-paid copywriter working in the world today.

The man is prolific.

But he’s not a prolific copywriter because he’s got a big team working for him or because he uses his reputation to bring in client work which he then farms out to minions.

He doesn’t even have internet access at home.

-->> Unlock Productivity

The real reason Dan earns more than anyone else is because he can write faster than anyone else.

This means he can take on more projects, write more books, produce more newsletters, develop more home study courses… as well as manage a 7-figure consulting business.

But HOW does he do this?

Dan wrote a book called My Unfinished Business.

Here’s a quote:

“If you can’t control your thoughts and manage your mind, you can’t control or manage your time.”

Dan Kennedy

In other words, you need to be able to focus.

Focus is at a premium these days.

Facebook, Twitter (Now X), and Instagram have the best behavioral scientists in the world on their payroll.

They are incentivized to PROGRAM addiction and distraction into the software you use every day.

So to succeed in this world, you have to fight back.

And in your fight against the evil tech overlords, I am going to give you one tip.

One thing that I have been using to help me get more done than I ever have before.

And in much less time.

And it’s something that you can start using as early as TODAY.

It gives me extra productivity, creative energy, and concentration.

Not to mention a beautiful boost in mood, sense of well-being, and motivation.

Before I tell you what it is….

You should know that I only recommend products that have actually CHANGED MY LIFE.

It’s an app called Brain FM.

You get a 2-week FREE trial.

After that, it’s 7 bucks a month. And if you can’t use that $7 investment in your focus to earn yourself another $70, $700, or even $7000 a month, then you’re doing this whole online business thing wrong.

There’s no affiliate link.

I’m not making money here.

This is a PURE recommendation.

Just tap it into Google and away you go.

If you want to read some more thoughts on focus on productivity, I've put them together here. 

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