I’ll Personally Teach You How To Write High-Performing Copy & Make Five Figures A Month As An In-Demand Freelance Copywriter… For Just $5 a Month.

Dear Freelance Copywriter, 

I’m looking to work with a small group of hungry writers who want to make it BIG in 2024.

If you’re one of them, I will personally work with you one-on-one in your business and guide you towards your first five-figure months. 

And I will do it all for the price of a bowl of custard. 

How To Make $107,000 In Your First Year

In my first full year as a freelance copywriter, I made $107k straight out of the gate.

I transformed from a disillusioned office prole into a freelance shaman.  

And I did it not as a footloose twenty-something with the freedom to bust out insane work days, but as a married man with a young family and plenty of other ‘life stuff’ going on.  

I can pinpoint this success to two specific reasons. 

Reason #1: When my daughter was born, my whole world shifted on its axis. One look in her eyes and I COMMITTED to always being there. To never having to work in an office again. To becoming sovereign. That was my why

Reason #2: I knew that if I was going to do this, I needed to learn from the best. I understood that being taught by someone who had anything less than a legendary and long-term reputation could be a colossal waste of time. That was my how

If you’re someone who already knows your why, it is time for me to show you how. 

Who Am I To Lecture You About This Stuff?

My first name’s Paul, last name French. 

I trained as a journalist and wrote for magazines in London for five years. 

Then, I started working for a series of Berlin-based startups in marketing and communications. 

I made respectable money and did plenty of interesting-enough work. But I wasn’t satisfied. I’d catch myself looking out of the window wondering what else I could be doing with my time. 

I wanted my words to matter.  

I discovered direct-response copywriting, thanks to John Carlton’s The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together

It’s a magnificent book. 

It’s got warmth, adventure, wisdom, rhythm. 

It sweeps you up and shows you where copywriting can take you if you’ve got the heart and the balls to go all in. 

Those pages sold me on the freelance copywriting life. I knew I had to buy the ticket and take the ride.  

Call it nous, call it good fortune, but thanks to coaching from a big-game marketer who’d worked with the likes of Frank Kern and Ben Settle, I quickly started getting clients and projects.

Within six months, one of these clients flew me to Dubai to write copy for his trading business. I remember driving a yellow Lamborghini through the pink desert at sunset, thinking to myself, this can’t be real. 

But it was. As was the $8,916 I averaged every month in my first year as a freelance copywriter. 

So when I tell you I’m going to show you how to become a highly-paid, in demand copywriter working for amazing clients and making more money than you might imagine possible . . . 

While having more time for family, friends, fitness and all that good stuff . . .

I’m speaking from experience. 

The Simple Truth To Hitting $10K Months — And Beyond

You have to understand my learning curve was STEEP. 

I started by writing anything I could get my hands on. 

But for my first direct-response client, I went from not really understanding what an offer was to selling millions of dollars worth of digital memberships within WEEKS, not years.

Then through my coaching, I developed a sense of positioning

I named myself “Doctor Indoctrinate” and became known for writing killer email indoctrination sequences for creators and entrepreneurs. 

No more cold outreach. 

People came to ME for emails. 

And I wrote them for some names you might recognize:

The Boy from Guatemala Who Went From Selling Perfume Door-to-Door To Selling His SaaS for 8 Figures

“Paul re-worked my indoctrination sequence and as far as testing goes, I’m sold – I’ve already got a +20% jump in revenue. So glad we worked together and can’t wait to see what comes when I start promoting the email list.”
– JK Molina, Tweets & Clients

Oliver Used to Work With Dentists, Now He Builds and Grows E-Learning Coaching Companies and Pulls in 6-Figure MONTHS

“Paul is an excellent copywriter. The kind that does the research legwork so his writing never sounds like a formula. He delivers emotionally charged copy, on time, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

– Oliver Cantin, Co-founder, and CEO, B1 Strategy

From “Unboxing Videos” on YouTube to Retiring His Mum and Making Millions Through High-Level Bitcoin Trading

“Paul took what was a time-consuming and increasingly difficult task out of my hands and turned it into one of the strongest aspects of my business. So much so, that I regularly thank myself for choosing to work with him. He can accurately identify the energy I want to give off and then tunes it far better than I or anyone else could have – in turn actually creating a voice for the brand that never even existed before.”

– Sami Loyal, 100K YouTuber

I have written for some of the biggest names on Twitter. 

And I’m not claiming these types of clients are ‘normal’.

What I am saying is my training was exceptional.

First, I  was forced to unlearn a lot of what I thought I knew about the world.  

Then, I had to break down the thought patterns and beliefs that were holding me back. 

Finally, my coach helped me rebuild my entire sense of what was possible. 

It wasn’t easy.

But in October 2021, when I found myself admiring the view of the Burj Al Arab from a jetski, with the sun slanting in the sky and the warm ocean breeze at my back, I realized the course of my life had changed.

I knew it had been worth it. 

Here’s a quick sample of the gems of knowledge I picked up along the way that I want to share – today – with ambitious writers who can afford a bowl of custard. 

  • My e-com ‘Mirror Strategy for bagging BIG clients: I’ll teach you how to practically guarantee your copywriting pitch destroys your competitors’ when you’re trying to get work for massive e-commerce brands (simple but super effective).

  • The 60-minute ‘sacred slot’ you need in your calendar: I learned this writing copy for Y-Combinator-backed mega-growth tech firms — it’s key to my client flow, and my ability to ‘switch on’ high-paying projects when I choose.

  • The ‘no portfolio’ copywriting portfolio: Never written copy for a client before? No problem. I’ll show you how to put together a killer pitch and portfolio that showcases your talent and value to your first-ever copywriting clients.

  • The money’s in the list: Setting up and managing email lists for clients is low-drag, high-income — IF you do it the right way, using the tools, processes and pricing structure I share with you inside.

  • Destroy the ‘second language’ disadvantage: The specific material you need to read and write (and how often) in order to accelerate your progress faster than even native English speakers! 

But before we get started, here’s what NOT to do:

How NOT To Succeed As A Freelance Copywriter

Beware the “chain of ineptitude.”

In the new creator economy, everyone’s a copywriter. So copywriting advice no longer comes FROM THE TOP.

It’s coming at you from all angles and ages.  

If you’ve Googled “copywriting tips” a few times, watched some YouTube videos, goggleboxed a few TikToks?

The artificial intelligence algorithms are already busy hammering you with copywriting content.

And they will not stop. 

Most of it isn’t great (or even good.) Because it’s not coming from experts. It’s coming from someone who learned from someone else who learned FROM A PDF. 

You have to be selective about your sensei. 

It is the most important decision you can make. 

To Become One Of The Best, You Must Learn From The Best 

I learned from Shane Hunter, the man who blew up Ben Settle’s email list and is the “silent hand” behind many of the most influential online personalities.

Shane Hunter learned from Frank Kern, the most sought-after direct response internet marketing consultant on the planet, whose skills and principles stretch all the way back to the grandfather of advertising himself, David Ogilvy. 

This is the opposite of a chain of ineptitude. 

It’s a lineage of excellence. 

And if you would like to join this lineage for the price of a bowl of custard, keep reading. 

My Offer To You: I’ll Personally Guide You Along Your Path To Becoming A Six-Figure Freelance Copywriter

From the outset, I had the need and the urgency to put myself in the arena with the highest level of people I could access. 

I saw that if you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else gets and you’ll pay what everyone else pays ($997).

What I get is great satisfaction from offering Copy Custard to others like me who feel this call to adventure. 

You can get copywriting advice.

And you can get business advice. 

But it is a rare and precious thing to find both of these in the same place. 

Combine the two and you quickly compound your way to an exciting and rewarding freelance career. 

It’s the craft of copy married with the business of doing business. 

And you’re getting it for the price of a bowl of custard. 

Copy Custard: My ‘Vault’ Of High-Earning Copywriting Advice & Business Strategies 

Here’s more of what’s waiting for you inside:

  • The ONLY 3 copywriting books everyone should read. None are required reading to be a great copywriter. But they will change how you see the world. By the time you’re done with them, the way your mind works has changed.

  • My 2-step process to find high-paying clients. When it comes to ‘guaranteed’ professional rates, there’s the quickest way and then there’s the best way. Learn the difference and leave your competition behind.

  • How to not get SHAMED with DMs. There’s a trend for screenshotting poor DMs and publicly humiliating people on the timeline. You can avoid this by understanding the art and science of the micro pitch. A true lesson for life.

  • How to make a “no-brainer” offer as a beginner. There are rules of engagement and most beginners violate them without even knowing. So step 1 is to forget everything you read in $100M Offers. Step 2 . . .

  • The #1 barrier to copywriting success. A mentor pointed this out to me and I’ver seen it hold true so far. True for the ‘A-listers’ as well as those on the up. Warning: requires an honest conversation with yourself.

  • WHERE your focus should go on a day-to-day basis. How you personally allocate your time is not my concern, but for those with ears to listen I break down the only 4 activities that actually serve you as a copywriter.

  • What copywriting is really all about. Some people say it’s writing, others say it’s research. But in one of those rare ‘before & after’ moments in life, my coach explained the real answer to me. I share it with you inside. 

Plus a new lesson, every week! 

Get Instant Access To The Ideas & Tactics I’ve Used To Make Bank Writing For High-Paying Clients All Over The World

Copy Custard is not a course.

This is a living, breathing, growing resource. 

It has superior intelligence, longevity, and compounding value because it grows according to YOUR needs and desires. 

The only reason for you not to find what you need inside is if you do not ask for it.

As well as personal advice and encouragement, I will also share my own copy adventures as I continue to explore and strive to test myself at the highest level. 

Here’s How it Will Work:
Ask Me Anything You Want As & When You Need

Copy Custard is where you get personal advice from someone with a proven track record. 

You email me a question about copywriting.

I screw my Sony RX100 camera to the top of my Amazon Basics tripod. (I may also need to chuck my kids’ toys out of the camera shot and take a swig of hot coffee first.)

Not pictured: custard

Then I film an answer to your question, send it to you, and add it to the Copy Custard library. If there are private details you prefer not to be mentioned, I will respect your situation and send you a personal answer. 

It really is that simple. 

There’s no catch. 

Just a small cost, roughly the same as a bowl of custard. 

Get Instant Access To Insight & Answers That Give You an Immediate ‘Course Correct’ For Your Freelancing Business

Join the crew already inside Copy Custard getting the answers they couldn’t find anywhere else: 

I had a cold. No big deal.




This custard enjoyer wanted to know why the custard is so cheap


In Faiz’s case, he’d been going HEAVY on the DMs. The problem was his pitch was all wrong. So we fixed that.


If I can fix your problem quickly with a voice note, I will.


There’s no catch, just complete transparency . . .

Full Disclosure: This Is Just $5 A Month (For Now), But My Other Services Cost Much More

Imagine an elephant sitting in a bowl of custard. It can’t because of PHYSICS. The bowl is going to break and there’s going to be custard all over the floor. 

So here’s the thing: this is obviously an ‘impossible offer.’

You won’t see it anywhere else from anyone in the world. 

I get great satisfaction from doing this but the truth is it makes little to no financial sense for the time and attention it costs me. You might even call it a bad business decision. 

And you would be correct.

But my main business is client work. I also have other offers that are more expensive. I will never shove them down your throat but you will hear me mention them from time to time inside Copy Custard

Please read and understand: Without putting any deadline on it, I must be clear that CC won’t always be available for $5.

The longer it runs, the more valuable the vault becomes for new members. 

Even custard suffers from inflation. 

The price you’re getting today?

Five dollars. 

Are YOU Ready to Get Personal Guidance to 5-Figure Months for $5 a Month?

There’s no qualification or application process. You can be inside and enjoying the videos in the next ten minutes. 

But let me tell you who Copy Custard will benefit the most:

This is for you if: you’re someone who takes your career seriously, wants to learn deep skills, craft your own offers, build long-term relationships, and understand the world and its power dynamics on a level that frankly should not be freely available for the price of a bowl of custard. 

This is NOT for you if: your plan is to come in here and write me a 1,000-word essay about your life story without first consuming and implementing the trainings inside. I am a guide, not a therapist. I will cancel and refund your subscription.

I have set this up with ZERO scope for buyer’s remorse.

If you aren’t willing to part with $5 for me to personally light the path to five-figure months, then you aren’t remotely close to having your act together and I would rather you saved us both some time and clicked off.  


This opportunity is extremely limited. I have ongoing high-paying clients I must serve and it requires intense one-on-one focus for me to give you the attention I am committing to. 

This means 2 things:

  1. There must be limited slots.

  2. When things get too busy, I will completely shut down access to newcomers until there is space in my schedule again. This could take days, weeks, or months

So with that said, and knowing that this opportunity is unique and unprecedented, prepare to make a decision. 

To subscribe to personal guidance from me for $5 a month, click the ‘Subscribe’ button for immediate access. 

If you’re not ready, no biggie. Spend it on a bowl of vanilla pudding instead. Life is meant to be lived and there are plenty of great things you can do with $5. 

I hope you join but if not, maybe I will see you in the future when the price is 10x, 20x or even 50x what I’m offering you today. 

Or maybe not. 

I’m out. 


P.S.P. French