Thank You.

“Lust to live, love and write.”

Your reward is this blurry selfie I took in the restroom at the Henry Miller Memorial Library in Big Sur around 2012 with an iPhone 4. My promise to you? From this point on the content only gets better.   

1 piece of housekeeping

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2 places I post

I use 𝕏 and LinkedIn.

Twitter you know all about. It’s likely what led you here. But on the off-chance you’ve arrived by other means, 𝕏 is where I do most of my writing. It’s where I kicked off my freelance career and built my network   ➡️ Follow me on 𝕏

LinkedIn used to be a laughing stock but it’s getting better. Growth tip: On weekdays at 10:42 am EST / 4:42 pm CET I post a new Copy Gospel. If you engage with my post, you will get eyeballs. ➡️ Follow me on LinkedIn

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