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Write More.
Work Less.
Be Free.

Those are the six words you signed up for. So let’s get into it. If you want to make a good living writing online, you have two paths. The first is to go all-in on the creator economy. The problem is it can take a while to find your voice and start making money.

You’ll get there. 

But unless you have a very healthy bank account I recommend you pick up some copywriting jobs to keep you sweet.

Copywriting is awesome.

No office.
No set working hours.
Spontaneous travel.
Do what you want working from your laptop . . .

It’s the perfect lifestyle for writers.

That’s where the custard comes in. Copy Custard is my very special video training for beginner copywriters. (I categorize a “beginner copywriter” as anyone who hasn’t made $10k a month writing online yet.)

Here’s the page.

And as a new French Memo subscriber, I’d like to welcome you by offering half off.

Instead of paying $50, it’s $25 for 12 month access. 

You claim your discount by entering the code MEMO at checkout.

(If there are still slots available.)

This offer isn’t available anywhere else and you won’t see it again.

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(P.S. If you’re thinking “What’s copywriting?” read this!)