The 80/20 Research Method

The Only 7 Questions You Need to Answer to Write Solid Copy Today

You’ve read a lot about copywriting. Now it’s time to apply order and systemize that knowledge in a way that makes writing copy a smooth and fun experience . . .

The major issue with copywriting research is the same issue that plagues most of the copywriting space.

There is too much misleading and goofy advice about how to prepare and write copy and things seem to be getting worse, not better.

With research, you can “put in the time” (40 hours?!) but still get it wrong. Or when you think you have a feel for the market you skip research and freestyle. But when a client asks you for some fresh copy and it flops? You get that hot, tingly sensation on the back of your neck and you’re back to square one. A proper copywriter builds a solid foundation first.

You’ve heard some variations of these:

“Copywriting is 80% research and 20% writing.”

“Copywriting is 40% research, 20% writing, and 40% editing.”

“Copywriting is 50% research, 40% information structure, and 10% writing.”

Maybe you even adhere to one of them. 

But whatever your ratios or rhythms:

EVERYONE could benefit from seeing all the research in ONE PLACE and in PROPER ORDER.

Not a bloated, scrappy, messy doc on your Google Drive. 

There are other research courses out there but they go into insane and unnecessary detail with things like iterative survey systems and scheduling calls and ordering subscriptions to the prospect’s favorite magazines.

Now, I like calls. 

But these take time to schedule and coordinate.

If I take on a $10k copywriting project, I’m doing calls.

But for quick cash jobs?

Life is meant to be lived and research is meant to be DONE.

The 80/20 Research Method distills all research down to 7 questions. These questions should be tackled in sequence. What you’re left with is a document you can pass around and easily reference and replicate across clients.

This 7-question system is neat, structured, and scannable.

If you’re an agency, it gives you a repeatable process and a way to knowledge share.  

If you’re a freelancer, it makes you faster. 

When you’ve finished, you can write the copy.

When you’ve written the copy, you can go and have lunch in the sun.

The 80/20 Research Method solves the problem of doing market research without creating an avatar or spending hours in forums.

It works for everything from e-commerce to info products to high-ticket coaching and SaaS.

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