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The 12 Steps Anyone Can Take To Build a 6-Figure Online Writing Business in the Next 2 Weeks

Do the exact right things in the exact right order to unlock a sustainable copywriting income. . .

You don’t need a course. You don’t need more education. You need A PLAN. Because deep down you know you are only going to improve with real writing experience. It is time to stop running around the internet like a startled prawn. It is time to get paid handsomely and consistently. It is time to start freelancing like a stupendous badass.  

Before We Get Started

Two types of teachers sell copywriting courses. One type earns most of their money writing copy. The other earns most of their money from selling courses. Freelance copywriters in 2024 need practical freelancing skills. What would you say is their best shot at success? 

I’m a Freelance Copywriter

I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a guru. And I don’t post pictures of my watch with my phone. I make no claims to have done exceptional things. But what I have done is moved quickly and successfully from 9-5 to freelance copywriter. I used to get paid a small amount of money to do lots of writing. Now I get paid much more to write far less. If you want that too, keep reading.

Even a Startled Prawn Can Google “How to Get Copywriting Clients”

But what comes back is only half the truth. Why? Because the number of people playing this freelance game the right way is small.  I’d wager between 1 and 2%.

And the guru courses appear to have all the parts. But when you look inside there are no assembly instructions. A common problem. But not here. 

“This is the most actionable freelancing course I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been through a few.” – Ray Butler, California

The difference between Master Key and the others?

I’m a real guy.

And Master Key is a take-you-by-the-hand, step-by-step SYSTEM, not regurgitated generic advice.

Offer creation? I built and tested a formula for that.

“I picked up Master Key a couple of weeks ago to learn the basics and it’s a steal. The anatomy of an offer section is worth the price alone.” – Ryan Johnson, Texas

Phone sales? Here, take my 10-point call guide. 

“I grabbed your course a week ago, and yesterday, a prospect reached out to me after some back and forth emails asking me to send him the agreement. And your course literally saved my ass-never put together a contract before!” – H.B, Seattle

It took me a while to work this stuff out. That’s because most people never attempt to understand anything IN DEPTH.

The good news is I’ve worked out exactly the things you need to do and the order in which you need to do them.

“The primary reason I’m reaching out is to say thank you. I’ve run through a few copy courses in my time but none of them go into as much detail as you about actually getting clients. I felt like I was in a rut this morning but having you lay out a foundation like that has helped tremendously and I can’t thank you enough.” – Thomas W, Tampa

2 Weeks from Today?

You WILL be 14 days older. You COULD be on your way to a stable and lucrative freelance copywriting career. Now find the nice pink button (it’s here somewhere) and click it.


“That’s it? No lavish sales pitch? You’re not going to gimme some goods or hit me with a unique mechanism? Call yourself a copywriter?!”

I do call myself a copywriter. A busy one. Busy working. For clients. My products are here if you want them. I don’t have a large social media following and I don’t rely on course sales for income. I’m busy gaining deep experience writing copy for real products out there in the wild. Are you still with me?

This Is What’s Inside (Quick & Dirty)

  • The 3 things you need to build a bulletproof copywriting offer
  • How I hit a 63% “close rate” on sales calls (almost unheard of)
  • The real secret to making clients never want to let you go
  • How to avoid a little mistake that cost me a huge amount of time
  • The 53-word email script that made me $13,840
  • Advice to copywriters who don’t know how to handle cash flow
  • Are you ever tongue-tied on a sales call? Not anymore.
  • 6 questions I love to ask potential clients
  • How a new discovery catapulted me over my competitors
  • Claim a free tool that transforms your ability to juggle projects
  • Make your business bank account look better in 2 hours
  • How to get paid $2,500/month for something you already do
  • Find the profits that lie hidden in your copywriting business
  • Advice to those who want to get paid to write, but can’t get started
  • How you can build and nurture your business relationships
  • Exactly what to do if you’re still confused about cold DMs, emails, calls, etc.

6 Free Bonuses

  1. Crafting the ultimate copywriter resume with 2 KEY ingredients
  2. A wickedly effective 5-step research process
  3. How to write proposals (hint: don’t call them proposals)
  4. The software I use every day to keep my business humming
  5. Terms of Agreement Template: make a powerful first impression with clients
  6. The full template for my “Lickety-Splitz” offer that sells for $4,995.

Here’s the Nice Pink Buy Button

Praise for Master Key

Master Key lays out brilliant freelance strategies that normally take YEARS of trial-and-error to learn–I can’t even imagine how much further along I’d be if I had this when I got started. Should be the first thing anyone even remotely interested in freelancing touches.”

— Alex Getz

“Honestly, Master Key is just so good and so well written. The content is exceptional. As I read your story and instructions it created a mindset shift because now I can see the types of clients there are and how many are available. It was like you were programming new beliefs without outright stating it.”

— Chen @VisionAndSales

“If you’re a copywriter or freelancer struggling to get consistent paydays and you want to learn the ins and outs, the ABCs and the A-Zs of the *business* of freelance copywriting, look no further. Not an affiliate. Just go get it.”

— Eddy Quan

Who Built This?

I could make some claims about who I am and why you should listen to me, but it’s better to let happy clients do the talking (and inside Master Key, I explain how you can get testimonials like these).

“Paul wrote the indoctrination sequence to my personal brand’s newsletter. He really took the time to learn more about me, and recreate my voice for the email sequence. His work has resulted in consistent 5-figure months since the launch of the newsletter. Would highly recommend him for any sales and marketing matters for your business.”
John Constas, Kinesiologist & Lifestyle Optimizer

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul as a direct response copywriter and can confidently recommend him for any projects related to the marketing funnel. In particular, Paul was able to improve our email open rates, doubling them in some cases. His ability to craft compelling and persuasive copy helped us to drive more conversions.”
Jakub Michalski, Marketing & Community, AJ&Smart

“Paul re-worked my indoctrination sequence and as far as testing goes, I’m sold – I’ve already got a +20% jump in revenue. So glad we worked together and can’t wait to see what comes when I start promoting the email list.”
JK Molina, Tweets & Clients

“Paul is an excellent copywriter. The kind that does the research legwork so his writing never sounds like a formula. He delivers emotionally charged copy, on time, and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”
Oliver Cantin, Co-founder, and CEO, B1 Strategy

“Paul took what was a time-consuming and increasingly difficult task out of my hands and turned it into one of the strongest aspects of my business. So much so, that I regularly thank myself for choosing to work with him. He can accurately identify the energy I want to give off and then tunes it far better than I or anyone else could have – in turn actually creating a voice for the brand that never even existed before.”
Sami Loyal, 100K YouTuber

“I worked with Paul on a number of projects over a period of 18 months and apart from being an excellent writer and an overall badass to work with, I was always impressed with his analytical approach to the SEO side of content creation. His insights and understanding drove our SEO content to the next level and for example, as part of an individual month-long project, we saw an increase of 500% in traffic related to some of the most important keywords for us.”
Aleksi Seppo, Head of Marketing Intelligence at AirHelp

“Paul’s writing at CareerFoundry contributed to a 300% increase in revenue over the space of 12 months. He has become the person I always turn to when I want copy that converts. Due to his experience beyond copywriting, he’s also an excellent sounding board for strategic marketing ideas.”
Malcolm Cannon, Head of Communications at F2Pool