The 14 Commandments of Copypreneurship 

Back in 2021 one of the very top writers and marketers in the world made a suggestion to me.

“Why don’t you call yourself The Copypreneur?

I chewed on it for a couple of days but decided not to. At the time there were a few other personal brands who had stuck –preneur on the end of their name. It looked naff. I didn’t want to get lumped in with them.

It’s a good name though.

And one that does a great job of describing the entrepreneurial challenge of a writing business.

I’m not about to rebrand myself, but as it popped into my head this morning I decided to tap out some guiding principles I believe are important to survive and thrive as a copywriter.

The 14 Commandments of Copypreneurship

(1) Thou shalt not believe any previous “successes” in life count for anything when it comes to writing copy.

(2) Thou shalt not compare thyself to others.

(3) Thou shalt write samples.

(4) Thou shalt seek out multiple possible versions of reality.

(5) Thou shalt read and apply Profit First.

(6) Thou shalt procure results-based testimonials.

(7) Thou shalt accept everyone writes a turkey at some point.

(8) Remember stress comes from complexity.

(9) Thou shalt not get stuck writing emails.

(10) Thou shalt break down business problems into their component parts.

(11) Thou shalt recognize the superior skill is not getting clients, but keeping them.

(12) Thou shalt lean into stress (it means you’re about to make money).

(13) Thou shalt summon flow every day.

(14) Honor thy mentors.