The Bit Copywriters Musn’t Skip

(unless you WANT to remain dead broke)

If you want to cut through the copywriting competition and rise to the top, all you have to do is concentrate for the next 195 words. 

The down and dirty reason I recommend positioning yourself around a problem is that if you don’t, you force yourself to do battle against everyone else who wants to write fitness emails or stock-picking sales pages. 

And guess what happens then?

The only way you get the gig is if:

a.) you already have an established reputation or

b.) you are prepared to compete on price or timeframes or any of the other variables that result in you doing more work for less reward. YUCK. 

When I started, I didn’t deliberately position myself around a problem. I do not recommend this. It’s like putting yourself in a financial bodybag. 

If you want to compete on price, there are plenty of guys doing that over on Upwork. I hear it’s a real hoot. 

But if you want to compete on value – and you measure your value by the pain attached to the problem you can solve with your words – price issues VANISH!

In the plainest vanilla language I can muster… what this comes down to… in practical terms… is finding a small group of people who have deep pockets and urgently need what you can write.

P.S.P. French